domingo, 20 de septiembre de 2009

Life drawing classes

The other day I was told that there were life drawing classes not far from the company. Some colleagues were going to take them, so I immediately decided I would go as well.

I only took life drawing classes once in my life. It was for a period of 15 days in Gijón, in a summer course that I enjoyed a lot. In that case, the model was a quite handsome man who posed for us for one and a half hours every time. It must have been terrible for him to keep the same pose for such a long time (with little breaks inbetween).

This time the model was a young woman, quite thin and with very english facial features.

It is nice to go to life drawing classes. When you see the model naked, you don´t see a person naked; you see a potencial piece of art in your empty paper. It is a very nice feeling. I don´t know about the rest of the people, but when I saw her, all I could see was light, shadows and shapes. The room was in complete silence while everybody was drawing her. The concentration was amazing, I loved that. You could hear the sound of pencil, the more agressive sound of charcoal, an esporadic rubber somewhere, a chair changing place to get a better point of view... I loved those little sounds. I loved silence. I loved the concentration. It was like being for two hours in another world. The cost of this trip was 5 pounds.

In this occasion, the poses changed. At the beginning, they changed every three minutes. There was a man there, drawing as well, who told the woman "ok, it is fine" when the time had past. Probably it was this man who decided to practise life drawing and decided to let other people participate to help with the payment due to the model. That is not a bad idea at all.

As I said, the poses changed every three minutes at the beginning, every ten or so later, and the final pose lasted for twenty minutes. So you could practise everything: with the shortest ones, capturing the pose and line of action; with the longest, pose, light and shadows and even the relationship with the environment.

I would upload the drawings I did, but I don´t have any scanner. So that will be another time.

The bad news is that these classes will last only for another week more. Then, they will be interrupted because they have to look for another place: the big room they were using is going to be engaged for something else. What a pity!

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