viernes, 14 de agosto de 2009

Ninja Theory!

As unexpected as could be... There was an offer at Ninja Theory (Cambridge) for some intership positions. A friend told me about that, and I didn´t hesitate to apply, even when I didn´t know anything about that company. I didn´t know that it is one of the main ones all over the world.

It was a surprise -a very pleasant one- to be selected for the interview. This interview took place at home, through Skype, and there were three people at the other side: the lead animator, the principal animator and the assistant producer. The interview went well, but I didn´t feel that I was especial enough to be chosen.

But I was! Today I was called and a nice girl told me that I am suppose to start the 1st of september. This is a great opportunity for me! The only sad thing is that I have to leave Emilio here, but I hope he will come and visit me. Now I have to think of packing my things once more and go to Cambridge this time.

Another adventure is coming! ;)