domingo, 20 de septiembre de 2009

Animation Mentor is about to start!

After all this time, Animation Mentor is here! It has not been easy. I paid in August and they didn´t receive my payment, so I waited until they asked me for my receipt. I sent it, but they didn´t find my money anyway. And finally, looking into my account again, I found out that the money was back into my account! But 162€ seemed to get lost during that period and I don´t think I will recover them.

I don´t know if it is Animation Mentor's fault, because they changed the account number and they didn´t let me know about that change; maybe they told me and it was my fault because I didn´t find the information about the new account number anywhere; maybe it was the bank's fault, because as soon as they see some money passing by, they take some of it for themselves; maybe it is nobody's fault and it is only that the dollar costs more now. No idea. But I have lost a lot of money, and I am not happy with that.

Anyway. My boyfriend (thanks a lot, darling) made the transfer again (I couldn´t do it without the online banking that I still don´t have) and this time it worked! So I am going to start Animation Mentor. That MAKES me happy, so let's look at the brighter side of our lives. :)

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