viernes, 30 de mayo de 2008

A head in Lightwave

Following a videotutorial this is what I could achieve:

Lightwave is quite comfortable to model with. But I have no idea how to model yet. This head doesn´t mean anything, because following a tutorial is very easy to do and you don´t really have to use your brains at all. So, please, no compliments. Thanks. :D

The next step I suppose it is texturize it. No tutorial this time! What to do? Well, I was told that to add textures to Lightwave models it is much better to go to Blender. This program is for free, and it is said that it works really well, especially for texturing and animation. I have been having a look at it for a couple of days, just getting used to the interface, but I still don´t know what to do. Maybe I should insist with Lightwave until I know how to deal with it in every aspect? Or should I go directly to other program that someone else said it was better?

Well, I will tell you what I decide. It is probable that I try to learn a bit of Blender, because if I want to focus on animation, and Blender is better for that, the logic solution should be that.

Anyway, let´s see.

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