jueves, 15 de diciembre de 2011

Animation Mentor: Mission succeeded!!

I've done it! I've finished Animation Mentor. It doesn´t mean I know everything about animation at all, but it's a good starting point. Here you can see my reel so far. Still have a lot of work to do on the two-character shot, which is the weakest by now. I will try to improve it as much as I can. As the reel is not finished yet, I haven´t added any cover to it nor any personal details.

Now is time to keep studying and practising, so everything I've learnt stays in my mind and I keep adding new things to it. In this profession you never ever stop learning! :-)

To maintain the same level without mentors supervising my job will definitely be a challenge. I will do my best!

5 comentarios:

chotio dijo...


You have a good reel, I love the old woman of the start of the reel.

My best wishes to you and have a merry Christmas.


Guti dijo...


I mean, REALLY impressive.

I can't even imagine what it takes to get there.

My deep and sincere admiration.

Character Animator dijo...

Que bueno el del bebe Marta, este no te lo habia visto jajaja, five stars!

fidel dijo...

Me gusto mucho es impresionante ,te felicito.Fidel.

Mars Attacks dijo...

¡¡¡Qué craaaaaaaaack!!! (II: el retorno)