martes, 21 de abril de 2009

First attempt

Well, my reel is still not finished, but I sent what I had to a company located in Valencia. This company has an awesome portfolio, and I thought they wouldn´t want me because I am only a junior animator, with so many things to learn and very little experience. But I had to try, because the company is very near from where I currently live. So I sent my CV.

Well, I was right. They where very kind, but they rejected my application. I was not good enough yet. They say I have talent, and I think they are really nice to say that. Nobody forces them to say that, so it must mean that it is true... I guess. It is inevitable to feel a bit sorry for myself, but do not worry, I will keep on trying. Not only this company, of course, but other ones. My reel needs improving, and I have to manage to get better quality in as little time as possible. It is hard if nobody teaches me, but I will do my best. It has only been the first attempt. :)

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